Friday, April 9, 2010

Almost isn't Good Enough

This morning my lovely friend Jamie and I were piling brightly colored and patterned lamp shades into the car so that we could take them up to Queen Ann for a window display. Neither one of us had been indulged with coffee or breakfast and as we merrily finished loading the last of the shades, all we could think was- "great! this is only taking 10 minutes, soon we will have a cup of coffee in hand and we will finish this window so we can go get some delicious food at Cafe Presse".

Please note that I mentioned we were maybe parked on the side of the alley for 8-10minutes.

I had made sure to park against the wall so that other cars could still get by, and since my shop is in a fairly residential neighborhood, I figured at 10:37am, who is going to care?

Old, crotchety, barkingly-mad octogenarians that's who!!!

Old-man-white-Ford-Taurus pulls up and climbs out of his car- his little sedan that I guarantee you- could well make it past my car to drive on through the alleyway, and starts berating Jamie about parking there when I walk out with the last load of lampshades. Not only does he NOT ask if we(2 young girls in various un-practical shoes & over burdened with armloads of shades), need help- but he berates us? Jamie tells him "we're almost out of here", and he proceeds to yell at her as he clambers back into his white Taurus- "Almost isn't good enough!!!"

Um, what?

Yes. He actually said that. I think we can all surmise that this man was told that countless times as a child by his abusive mother before she walked out on him, thus leaving him to feel like all well-dressed, busy ladies are abusive and are taking up HIS valuable space- along an alley or otherwise. Look Scrooge, go get a therapist and work out your issues so you can leave un-suspecting ladies loading lamp shades into a beat-up Subaru alone!

Long blog short, why don't we give each other some leeway, a couple grace minutes, and back off a bit!? If we don't, we may find ourselves facing a alley in a white Ford Taurus hating our mothers and cursing out- "ALMOST ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH!".... sounds good enough to me.

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